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Southern Utah Magic

Give something back on this trail work project set amongst the vermilion sandstone towers and blue skies of Moab!

Arizona Backpack

Join us as we maintain remote desert trails through manzanita, prickly pear, alligator juniper and arizona cypress.

California Dreaming

Maintain trails on this unique traveling project. Come see rugged Doug Fir covered mountains meet the Pacific Ocean as we work/hike along the Lost Coast!

Nursery Work & Magical Birds

A Hawaiian Refuge service project to plant native plants/trees & make friends with spectacular birds.

Celebrating our 21st Year of Giving Something Back

Our mission is providing opportunities for everyone to participate in the hands-on stewardship of public lands. Working in cooperation with the National Forest and Park Service, the BLM and the US Fish & Wildlife Agency, you'll be inspired and invigorated when you see how much a group can accomplish in a few days.

Cultivating a passion for wilderness



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