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In 1985 the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect native Hawaiian forest birds and their rain forest habitat. Located on the eastern slope of Mauna Kea, the 33,000-acre refuge supports a diverse array of native plants and birds. Many species are rare and endangered, including several colorful Hawaiian honeycreepers: the akiapolaau, Hawaii akepa and Hawaii creeper. Other common and brilliantly-colored forest birds include the 'i'wi, apapane and amakihi. The upper reaches of the refuge contain some of the finest stands of koa and 'o'hia lehua forest in the world. Most of the refuge is closed to public use and entry is by special use permit. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shuttles us over rugged roads from Hilo to this remote refuge where we spend four days living in Hakalau Cabin (with dormitory accommodations), planting native trees to reforest the refuge, removing invasive plants in the rainforest, and working in the greenhouse. For more information: http://www.WildernessVolunteers.org

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