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Please outline your recent camping and backpacking experience. It's very important for you to fill this application completely and honestly. This information is critical for us to have so we can decide if the trip is appropriate for your level of fitness and ability.

Check all activities you have experience with:

: Backpacking: Overnight
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We could make out a long check list of items for you to go through, but we've chosen to let you tell us about your health in your own words. Please be frank and thorough. Every year we have someone on a trip who we find out has a major health condition that they didn't disclose to us. When questioned why they didn't list it on their application, they say something like, "I didn't think you'd accept me for the project if I told you." This is simply not true in most cases, and it's best for the leaders to be aware of your history so they can watch your back.

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Medical Insurance (All participants should have health insurance; if you are injured on the trip, you are responsible for all medical and evacuation expenses.)

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How many cups of the following beverages do you typically drink per day?

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Do you have any other dietary restrictions or preferences we should be aware of?

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General Comments or Questions

Policies & Cancellations

Your Responsibility
Service trips are cooperative endeavors. Participants need to be accommodating of each other and supportive of group efforts. A sense of humor, an adventurous spirit and appreciation of the outdoors are good skills to bring to the trip. You are responsible for selecting a trip that is appropriate for your abilities, reading materials sent to you to prepare for the trip, bringing appropriate equipment as advised by Wilderness Volunteers, acting courteously to other participants, and following "Leave No Trace" outdoor ethics as taught by the staff and agency representatives.

Please Note
You should not book nonrefundable travel until you have received confirmation of your acceptance for the trip. Trip leaders have the right to disqualify a participant at any time during the trip if they feel the participant is incapable of continuing without jeopardizing their own or the group´s health, well-being or safety. Pets, firearms and fireworks are prohibited on trips.

Cancellations and Refunds
Registrations canceled greater than 30 days from the start date will receive the trip fee minus a $100 cancellation fee only if we are able to both: 1) fill your slot, and 2) send the trip out full. Registrations cancelled fewer than 30 days of the trip start will not receive any refund. The sooner you inform us of your need to cancel, the more opportunity we will have to fill the trip and refund part of your fee. Our mission is stewardship work and late cancellations, particularly as a trip date approaches, can make it extremely difficult to find a replacement at the last minute. We must receive written notification in the office of your intent to cancel. As a small nonprofit, Wilderness Volunteers cannot make exceptions to this refund policy for any reason, including personal emergencies. If Wilderness Volunteers must cancel a trip, you will receive a full refund. If we must cancel a trip due to low sign-up or a hazard like fire, we will attempt to do so at least 30 days before the trip start date. While it hasn´t happened yet, we might be forced to cancel a trip with less notice although we will make every effort to run every trip.

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