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Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, NV (Jul 12th - Jul 18th 2015)

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The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is a remote and expansive jewel of high-desert habitat, set aside in the 1930s for the conservation of pronghorn antelope. The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge protects more than half a million acres of high desert habitat for large wintering herds of pronghorn antelope, scattered bands of bighorn sheep, and a rich assortment of other wildlife along the Oregon-Nevada border. The landscape is vast, rugged, and punctuated with waterfalls, narrow gorges, and lush springs among rolling hills and expansive tablelands of sagebrush and mountain mahogany. Elevations on the refuge range from 4,100 to 7,200 feet. Annual precipitation rarely amounts to more than a dozen inches, creating a harsh environment where a wide variety of wildlife manages to thrive. Although established for the protection of wildlife and habitat, the refuge encompasses other interesting features. The remains of old homesteads and ranches intrigue visitors. The lure of fire opals draws miners and rock collectors to the Virgin Valley mining district. Geothermal hot springs create a refreshing oasis in the heart of the refuge. The refuge's mosaic of resources and public interests generates significant management challenges.

Our service project will be to construct wooden buck and rail fencing around the historic Last Chance Ranch building and at several designated camping areas to protect refuge habitats and prevent expansion of the camping areas. Impacts to springs and associated riparian areas from use of these camping areas has been identified as an important resource issue and management priority. To better manage these areas, we will construct free standing wooden rail fencing around designated camping areas, and also complete minor repairs and other improvements to campground fire rings and stock corrals. In addition, we are nearing completion of a long-term project to remove abandoned livestock developments and to rehabilitate the associated closed vehicle routes. Volunteers will camp at Badger Cabin, with several bunks available in addition to tent cabin outside. Vehicle camping within Sheldon Refuge is restricted to designated campgrounds. Free day options include many wilderness hikes, fishing, rock collecting, driving tours and much more.
Come join us in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge!


Jul 12th - Jul 18th 2015

Service Project

Construct wooden buck and rail fencing to protect refuge habitats.

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Free Days

Wildlife viewing, day hiking, scenic drives, photography, relaxing


Bunk housing, tent and car camping

Project Difficulty

Active : Operating power tools, lifting, digging, bending, hauling. Elevation 6,000'


Dudley McIlhenny
Steve Breitbach

Equipment List