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Mokelumne Wilderness, Eldorado National Forest, CA (Jul 19th - Jul 25th 2015)

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John Muir referred to the Sierra Nevada as "the most beautiful of all the mountain chains" or, more poetically, "the range of light." The Mokelumne Wilderness, located between the Lake Tahoe region to the north and Yosemite and Emmigrant Wilderness to the south, contains almost 100,000 acres of subalpine and alpine forest, bald granite peaks, dramatic cliffs and glacially-formed valleys and many miles of hiking trails, lakes and streams. The Mokelumne River bisects remote mountainous terrain where elevations range from about 4,000 feet near Salt Springs Reservoir outside the southwest corner to over 10,000 feet on Round Top Peak in the north. Shallow valleys lying north of 9,332' Mokelumne Peak, in the southern portion of the area, hide many small lakes close to the area we'll camp for the week. The Mokelumne Wilderness hosts a rich diversity of scenery, topography and natural beauty.

Our service project is trail maintenance, mostly brushing and sawing out down trees through a section of old trail the Forest Service wants to reclaim. We'll backpack 5 miles down a trail following a creek, and set up a basecamp within a short hike of the project area. Our volunteer partners at Backcountry Horsemen of America are donating pack animal support to carry tools, group food and kitchen supplies to and from our base camp. This is the completion of the project we started last year, before a wildfire forced us to move camp and shift the project. We aim to complete the work this year!

Join us in giving something back to this beautiful wilderness!


Jul 19th - Jul 25th 2015

Service Project

Trail clearing, lopping & sawing

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Free Days

Peak hiking, day hiking, swimming, fishing, photography


Backpack camping

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : 5 mile backpack, lopping, sawing, bending, hauling. Elev 5,500'. Pack animal supported.


Tony Zimmer
Kathryne Zaborowski

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