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Moab's Backdrop - La Sal Mountains, Manti-La Sal National Forest, UT (Jul 26th - Aug 1st 2015)

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The La Sal Mountains, the tall range just east of Moab, is the second highest range in Utah and hosts some of the most remote high elevation wild lands in the state. Perhaps the most photographed mountain range in Utah, the La Sals form a spectacular backdrop to the red rock below in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This recreation area provides opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, mountain biking, camping, peak-bagging, backcountry skiing, hunting, and fishing. Wildlife habitat abounds; mule deer, bobcat, black bear, mountain lion, grouse and many other high desert mountain species call the La Sals home. The range hosts thousands of acres of inventoried roadless areas, none of which have been formally designated as wilderness, although several proposals to do so are currently under consideration.

While late July temperatures in Moab can be warm, the La Sals offer comfortable weather, meadows of flowers and incredible views of the slickrock below. Whispering pines, quaking aspens, bubbling brooks, all of nature’s music harmonizes into a beautiful symphony making the area unforgettable.

Our service project is building and maintaining the Miners Basin trail up to Gold Knob Pass. We'll camp in the established campground at Warner Lake, at 9,200' elevation, for the week, and day hike to the work site. Views of the surrounding La Sal Mountain peaks are stunning from the campground, and fishing for rainblow trout in the lake is possiblie with a license. Nearby peaks top out in the range of 12,000', so come prepared for some free day hiking with unbelievable views...and don't forget your camera!


Jul 26th - Aug 1st 2015

Service Project

Trail construction & maintenance

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Free Days

Hiking to area peaks, photography, swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing


Tent or car camping

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Digging, bending, shoveling, lifting. Elevation 10,000'


Richard Johnson
Ruth Rosenstein

Equipment List