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Stoddard Lake, Trinity Alps Wilderness, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, CA (Jun 10th - Jun 16th 2017)

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It is no coincidence that this portion of the Klamath Mountains is likened to and named after the famous Alps of Europe. The Trinity Alps are one of Northern California's most picturesque locations. The forested mountains, valleys and meadows of the Trinity Alps Wilderness in northwestern California offer vistas of incredible beauty, diverse scenery and limitless opportunities for solitude. If Bigfoot exists, this is certainly where he would call home.

The rugged granite peaks and ridges, permanent ice fields, pristine high mountain lakes and fragile meadows do indeed create a true alpine setting. In the Trinity Alps can be found around one hundred remote lakes and more than fifty peaks over 7,000’ with the highest being Thompson Peak, at 9,002’. With over 585,000 acres it is the second largest wilderness in California, and among the ten largest in the United States. Access is by way of eighty-one trail heads which lead to a total network of over 600 miles of trails, each of these trails leading to unique and secluded mountain gems. The wilderness is home to several rare species wildlife as well, including wolverine, martin, fisher, northern spotted owl and Roosevelt elk. There is also black bear, black-tailed deer, and many varieties of birds. The crystal clear streams provide spawning grounds for steelhead, Coho, and Chinook salmon.

Our service project will be assisting the Shasta-Trinity National Forest with the removal of a recurring patch of invasive wooly mullein and bull thistle at a key time, before it goes to seed. Our group will come in late June and remove these invasive plants before they spread further throughout the Wilderness area. Pack support will be provided for camp, food and some personal gear. Work will consist of spreading out over the area and hand pulling or digging the weeds. Seed heads will be bagged for removal via pack stock. Some minor trail work may also be incorporated into the project. We’ll hike in 5 miles into the Wilderness and our basecamp along Stoddard Lake Trail. Our free day will include hiking to nearby peaks and lakes, photography, fishing, swimming, relaxing, and soaking up this unique Wilderness area!

This project is rated as a strenuous project.


Jun 10th - Jun 16th 2017

Service Project

Removal of invasive woolly mullein and bull thistle, and some trail work

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Free Days

Hiking to nearby peaks and lakes, photography, fishing, and relaxing.


Backpacking with pack support

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Bending, digging, pulling, lifting, hiking


Reed McDowell
Andrew Kerr

Equipment List