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Delete!! // San Pedro Parks Wilderness, Santa Fe National Forest, NM (Jul 12th - Jul 18th 2020)

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San Pedro Parks Wilderness began as a primitive area, established by the Chief of the Forest Service in 1931. In 1941 the Secretary of Agriculture classified it as a Wild Area and set its acreage at 41,132 acres. It became the San Pedro Parks Wilderness as part of the original Wilderness Act in July 1964.

Although the elevation averages 10,000 feet above sea level, San Pedro Parks Wilderness is known for high, moist, rolling mountaintops with numerous meadows and large grassy "parks." Dense stands of Engelmann spruce and mixed conifers compete for space with small stands of aspen. San Gregorio Reservoir, a small irrigation reservoir predating the establishment of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, is the largest body of water. Clear streams wander through the forest openings and are usually abundant with trout. Be prepared for frequent afternoon rainfall in July and August. This rainfall enables the meadows to flourish with bluegrass, oat grass, sedge, rush, and Rocky Mountain iris, only to be covered with snow in November. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail crosses through the Wilderness from Cuba, NM to the Carson National Forest. Its route follows along Los Pinos, Vacas, Penas Negras and Rio Capulin trails.

Our project will focus on restoring the wilderness characteristics and qualities in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness. We will spend the week removing blue treated posts along the trail and naturalizing those sites. Someone installed these markers without permission within the wilderness boundary and the USFS would like to remove them in addition to completing supplemental minor trail maintenance. Our volunteer group will also install drainage features when needed. On your day off you can explore this area through hiking, bird and animal viewing, fishing, or simply relax. This is a pack supported project that will let you experience this gorgeous part of northern New Mexico while giving back to this wilderness.

We highly recommend that those coming from low elevation (anything below about 5,000 feet) plan an extra couple days in the area before the trip to acclimate to the elevation for your own safety. Altitude sickness is a concern when traveling from low elevation to high elevation and getting acclimatized before the trip is one of the easiest ways to prevent it. If you need ideas on things to do/see before the trip contact your leaders.

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

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Jul 12th - Jul 18th 2020

Service Project

Treated post removal, trail maintenance, drainage feature installation

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Free Days

Hiking, fishing, bird/animal viewing, photography, relaxation


Backpack camping with pack support

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : 4-mile backpack, ~900' elevation gain, bending, lifting, hauling, digging, pulling. High elevation.


Equipment List