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Admiralty Island National Monument, Tongass NF, AK (Jul 8th - Jul 15th 2017)

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Embracing nearly a million acres of magical old growth rainforest, alpine tundra, and rugged coastline, Admiralty Island National Monument offers unrivaled opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation in Southeast Alaska's Tongass National Forest, the largest public forest in America. The native TlingĂ­t people call this island "Kootznoowoo," meaning "Fortress of the Bear." Indeed, Admiralty Island is home to the highest concentration of brown bears in the world; more than all the Lower 48 states combined. Spectacular runs of wild salmon fill the island's creeks each summer, while remote mountain lakes offer the ultimate in wilderness fishing. Admiralty Island also has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident in the traditional native village of Angoon, the island's only permanent settlement.

Our service project will include invasive species removal and a number of other important tasks for the Forest Service. After traveling to Juneau, Alaska, the Forest Service will take our group on a 3-4 hour boat ride to a wilderness camp on the shore in the Seymour Canal where we'll set up camp for the week. Each day we will travel by boat and go to work removing invasive flora including black bindweed, reed canarygrass, and brittlestem hempnettle. Other tasks will include walking along shores collecting washed up debris, surveying for invasive species, and solitude monitoring. There is some likelihood for rain and bugs -- Alaska is famous for both, so please be prepared.

**Note: Participants on Alaska projects must have paid for their airfare at least two months before the start date and furnish this information to the leaders. We have discovered that folks who do not have firm travel plans by this time often cancel, and these projects are hard to fill at the last minute.

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

Check out more photos from last year's Admiralty Island project in our gallery.


Jul 8th - Jul 15th 2017

Service Project

Invasive plant removal, beach clean up, solitude monitoring, and recreation site inventory

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Free Days

Whale watching, seashore combing, tide pools & tide flats, hiking, photography


Tent camping in remote area near intertidal zone

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Walking on slippery/rough terrain, small detail work pulling invasive plants, bending, lifting.


Ashely Northcutt
Deborah Northcutt

Equipment List