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Denali National Park, AK (Jul 30th - Aug 5th 2017)

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Designated an International Biosphere Reserve, Denali is truly a park on an Alaskan scale: six million acres - a plot of magnificent land larger than the state of Massachusetts. Across the park's largely treeless expanse, the views are of a scale unknown in the lower 48. Rivers rush wide and milky white with rock pulverized by glaciers. Flower-studded tundra spills away in all directions for tens of miles. Wolves, caribou, Dahl sheep, moose, and grizzly bears roam freely.

If the weather cooperates, Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley) swallows the horizon. At 20,320 feet, Denali is North America's highest mountain and the crown of the 600-mile-long Alaska Range. The indigenous Athabascan people dubbed the massif "Denali," or the "Great One," and it more than lives up to the name. From base to summit, the mountain's vertical relief is greater than that of Mount Everest. Denali's grandeur will steal your breath away. Our base camp at Wonder Lake Campground will be the closest the road takes us to this awe-inspiring mountain.

Our service project will be trail maintenance on park trails near remote Wonder Lake. We'll camp in a designated campsite near Wonder Lake, which is 85 miles into the park and can only be reached by park bus or special vehicle permit. Each day we will hike into the wilderness to work on trails for the day. We'll put in four full days of trail work, and then have a free day to explore the wonders of Denali. The agency will provided the group with free park bus passes to view wildlife in the interior of the park. Be sure to bring your camera!

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

**Note: Participants on Alaska projects must have paid for their airfare at least two months before the start date and furnish this information to the leaders. We have discovered that folks who do not have firm travel plans by this time often cancel, and these projects are hard to fill at the last minute.


Jul 30th - Aug 5th 2017

Service Project

Trail maintenance around Wonder Lake.

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Free Days

Wildlife viewing, hiking, photography, exploring one of the most amazing parks in the United States!


Tent camping in designated site

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Daily hikes to worksite, digging, bending, lifting, hauling, clipping. Elevation 3,000'.


Taryn Schreiner
John McLean

Equipment List