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Three Sisters Wilderness, Willamette National Forest, OR (Aug 13th - Aug 19th 2017)

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The Willamette National Forest stretches for 110 miles along the western slopes of the Cascade Range in western Oregon. It extends from the Mt. Jefferson area east of Salem to the Calapooya Mountains northeast of Roseburg. The Three Sisters Wilderness is managed by both the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests and comprises 281,190 acres, making it the second largest Wilderness area in Oregon. It was established by the US Congress in the original Wilderness Act of 1964 and is named for the Three Sisters Mountains that dominate the landscape. Major peaks include the North, Middle and South Sisters (all above 10,000'), and Broken Top, all great examples of the effect of volcanism and glaciation. Interesting geologic features include mesas, and volcanic cinder cones and craters, while the vast forest is covered by a variety of fir, hemlock and pine. Alpine meadows, waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers, and glacial lakes are abundant.

Our service project is to transform a popular user trail to into a maintained trail to Separation Meadows from the Pacific Crest Trail, just west of South Sister. We will be backpacking in 11 miles to camp next to Husband Lake and working each day to reconstruct the trail, install water-bars (water drainage structures), and build any other necessary structures to ensure the trail will maintain and drain well. There will be a mile or more hike to our project site everyday with elevation gain and loss of a few hundred feet. The Forest Service will provide pack support to help us get our food & cooking equipment in and out.

This project is rated as a challenging project.

Check out more photos from last year's Three Sisters project in our gallery.


Aug 13th - Aug 19th 2017

Service Project

Reconstructing a user trail to maintained trail.

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Free Days

Day hiking, photography, relaxing, swimming, fishing, exploring the Obsidian area of Three Sisters.


Backpack camping in a remote area

Project Difficulty

Challenging : 11 mile backpack (with pack support), Long hikes, bending, lifting, moving rock, digging.


Maidie Kenney
Chris Stearns

Equipment List