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West Clear Creek Wilderness, Red Rock Ranger District, Coconino NF, AZ (Oct 15th - Oct 21st 2017)

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Located in northern Arizona, the remote West Clear Creek Wilderness contains over 13,000 acres stretching from the junction of Willow Creek and Clover Creek on the Mogollon Rim at 6800ft westward to the Bull Pen area nearly 20 miles away at 3700ft. West Clear Creek flows down a deep and narrow canyon cut into the Colorado Plateau forming pools that stretch wall to wall in places.

The West Clear Creek has been described as one of the most remote and beautiful streams in the American Southwest. The stream flows all year long providing a canyon oasis for plants and animals alike; from towering cottonwoods to stately ponderosa pines, from curious mule dear to reclusive mountain lions.

Our service project with the Forest Service's will be trail maintenance including construction of drainage structures (like check steps, waterbars, drain dips) and other erosion control features (such as retaining walls and possibly riprap on steep sections of trail). We will camp near the trailhead at Bull Pen/West Clear Creek and hike up the canyon each day to work on the trail. On our day off we can hike further up West Clear Creek, explore other nearby trails, look for secluded swimming holes or just relax and enjoy this remote and beautiful northern Arizona wilderness.

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This project is rated as a strenuous project.


Oct 15th - Oct 21st 2017

Service Project

Trail work, building erosion controls, retaining walls, etc.

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Free Days

Hiking, photography, sunning, relaxing


Car/tent camping near the trailhead

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Bending, digging, lifting, raking, hiking


John McLean
Bob Ellison

Equipment List