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Zion National Park, UT (Oct 15th - Oct 21st 2017)

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Massive canyon walls ascend toward a brilliant blue sky. To experience Zion, you need to walk among the towering cliffs, or challenge your courage in a narrow canyon. These unique sandstone cliffs range in color from cream, to pink, to red. They could be described as sand castles crowning desert canyons. Zion's unique geographic location and variety of ecosystems combine to create a variety of habitats for a surprising array of plant and animal species including bighorn sheep and deer. Located on the Colorado Plateau, but bordering the Great Basin and Mojave Desert provinces, Zion is home to plants from each region. Evidence of ancestral puebloans date from 2,000 years ago; Paiutes from about 800 years ago to present.

Mormon settlers arrived in the 1860s and planted orchards along the Virgin River towns of Springdale, Rockville and the now ghost town of Grafton. In 1909, Zion Canyon was practically inaccessible to outside visitors; and while only a few had laid eyes on the towering cliffs, the nation still understood its significance and established Mukuntuweap National Monument, and soon after it became Zion National Park.

Our service project is a continuing project working with the Zion vegetation team to help eradicate invasive plants throughout the park, and to restore native flora into the original, unique ecosystem Zion Canyon offers. Volunteers may find themselves clearing areas wrought with exotic plant species, and the next day working with park biologists in the Zion greenhouse. Participants will drive short distances to the project sites daily from our base camp at the Watchman group site in either Park Service vehicles or personal vehicles.

This project is rated as a active project.

Check out more photos from last year's Zion NP project in our gallery.


Oct 15th - Oct 21st 2017

Service Project

Invasive plant removal, weeding & planting

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Free Days

Hiking, exploring, photography, wildlife viewing


Car and tent camping in designated campground

Project Difficulty

Active : Bending, kneeling, lifting, lopping, digging. Elevation 4,000'


Dennis McKane
Stephen Dorsett

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