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Carson National Forest, NM (Sep 30th - Oct 6th 2018)

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Located in northern New Mexico, the Carson National Forest covers approximately 1.5 million acres of beautiful mountain landscape. Elevations range from 6000ft to the 13,161ft Wheeler Peak, which is the highest point in New Mexico. Over 86,000 acres of Carson National Forest has been designated as wilderness including the Wheeler Peak, Latir Peak, Pecos, Cruces Basin and Columbine-Hondo Wilderness areas. Over 400 miles of sparkling mountain streams flow through the Carson and numerous lakes dot its topography. At lower elevations ponderosa pine and spruce forests tower above grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers. At higher elevations stands of aspens and ponderosa are dotted by wide open meadows and high, alpine ridge lines.

Wildlife is abundant and mule deer, elk, squirrels and birds are frequently encountered. Black bear, mountain lions, antelope, bighorn and golden eagles also inhabit the Carson and may be encountered by a lucky backcountry hiker.

Carson National Forest contains over 330 miles of hiking trails. Our service project will be to assist the Forest with much needed trail maintenance. We will be likely be repairing tread, brushing, removing dead fall, and cleaning/repairing culverts on the trail. We will backpack in about 6 (with pack support) to set up our basecamp. Free day activities could include exploring nearby lakes, peaks and ridgelines. The weather at this time of the year is generally pretty pleasant in the daytime but may be cold at night so be sure to pack warm.

Join us in the beautiful wild lands of New Mexico on our first Carson National Forest service project.

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

We highly recommend that those coming from low elevation (anything below about 5,000 feet) plan an extra couple days in the area before the trip to acclimate to the elevation for your own safety. Altitude sickness is a concern when traveling from low elevation to high elevation and getting acclimatized before the trip is one of the easiest ways to prevent it. If you need ideas on things to do/see before the trip contact your leaders.


Sep 30th - Oct 6th 2018

Service Project

Trail restoration

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Free Days

Explore nearby ridge lines, lakes and peaks.


Backpack camping

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Backpack camping, 6 mile hike, off-trail hiking, bending, digging, lifting.


Karen Zietlow
Gerald Norton

Equipment List