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Rainbow Rim Trail, Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Forest, AZ (Jun 16th - Jun 22nd 2019)

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The Kaibab National Forest is part of the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the United States. Bordering both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon, the 1.6 million acres of the Kaibab NF has the distinction of being divided by one of Nature's greatest attractions. The Kaibab Plateau is an island of forested land surrounded by a sea of sage and grasslands. Kaibab is a Paiute word that translates to mountain lying down. Most of the plateau was set aside in 1893 as part of the Grand Canyon Forest Reserve. In 1908, the Forest Reserve north of the Grand Canyon was renamed the Kaibab National Forest. The North Kaibab is atop a monocline and rises to 8800 feet with excellent views of the Grand Canyon.

Our project will focus on the Rainbow Rim trail. Our group will help maintain the trail, rehab/close illegal campsites, install signs, and build new trail for bikers and hikers. Our group will be camping at spike forest camps and will move as the work has been completed. The forest service will provide a water and all the necessary tools. Bring your mountain bike! On our free day, we can bike a part of the Rainbow Rim Trail or visit any of a number of great overlooks into the Grand Canyon.

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

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Jun 16th - Jun 22nd 2019

Service Project

Trail work, rehab/close illegal campsites, sign installation, build a new trail for bikers and hiker

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Free Days

Hike into the Grand Canyon, climb Saddle Mountain, mountain bike the Arizona Trail, relax


tent camping at spike forest camp

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Hiking, bending, digging, lifting, lopping, altitude, carrying tools


Don Meaders
Kathleen Worley

Equipment List