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Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, Coconino & Prescott National Forests, AZ (Nov 8th - Nov 14th 2020)

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Sycamore Wilderness was designated as Arizona's first wilderness area in 1972. The second largest canyon to emerge from Arizona's Red Rock Country is a lesser known, but just as scenic, cousin of famous Oak Creek Canyon. But you won't find any roads, developed campgrounds or crowds in Sycamore Canyon, just 55,937 acres of wilderness marked by colorful cliffs, soaring pinnacles and one of the world's rarest habitats, a desert riparian area. The wilderness encompasses all of Sycamore Canyon from its forested rim near Williams, Arizona to its desert canyon mouth in the Verde Valley.

Sycamore Canyon is home to a variety of flora and fauna including ring-tailed cats, black bears, mountain lions, elk, deer, rattlesnakes, scorpions, canyon wrens, hermit thrushes, cottonwoods, and ponderosa pines.

Our service project with the Forest Service will begin with a 6 mile backpack to basecamp, with a 1,700' elevation loss on the hike in. For work each day we will be brushing, doing trail treadwork, and cleaning and building trail drainage features. We will also remove illegal campsites and fire rings, naturalizing the areas back to a a more natural condition. We'll be working/hiking on the Dogie Trail (Coconino NF) and on the Sycamore Basin Trail (Prescott NF). This project is partially pack supported as the USFS will be hiking in water caches for this project. Our federal agency is working to confirm additional pack support for tools, etc with the Backcountry Horsemen, but this has not been finalized. On our day off we can explore Tule Canyon, visit Taylor Cabin or just relax and enjoy this remote and beautiful Arizona wilderness area.

Grab your hiking boots, meet new people, and have a fall adventure with Wilderness Volunteers!

This project is rated as a strenuous project.


Nov 8th - Nov 14th 2020

Service Project

Trail work, water bar construction, brushing, trail delineation, campsite rehabilitation.

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Free Days

Hiking, photography, sunning, relaxing


Backpacking 6 miles to basecamp.

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : 6-mile hike to base camp. 1,700' elevtion loss on the hike in. Bending, digging, lifting, raking, lo


Steve Breitbach
Tanya Bok

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