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Grand Gulch-Cedar Mesa Plateau, UT (Sep 27th - Oct 3rd 2020)

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Located in southeastern Utah's San Juan county and managed the by the Monticello Office of the BLM, the Grand Gulch-Cedar Mesa Plateau area is a spectacular wilderness of nearly 800,000 acres containing ancient ruins and 2,000 years of history. The ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) civilization flourished in its massive red sandstone walls, hunting on the mesa tops and growing maize and beans on canyon terraces. Ancient dwellings, pottery, tools and rock art are abundant.

Our service project is an ongoing partnership with BLM to address its most pressing on-the-ground needs on the mesa top and in the canyons. We'll establish a base camp about a mile away from the Kane Gulch Visitor Contact Station for the week, camping by our vehicles in tents overlooking Kane Gulch. From camp, we'll make daily drives across the mesa top and hike into canyons to project sites. The exact location of the projects will be determined just prior to our trip, but will include general trail maintenance, possibly illegal campsite removal or wilderness boundary maintenance. Summer storms and water availability tend to dictate our exact project and location and our work plan frequently changes due to conditions in the canyons, so participants are asked to remain flexible. The trail work entails cutting back overgrown brush, water bar and check dam installation and cleanout, tread repair and marking with cairns as appropriate. This is vigorous and dirty work and requires participants be in good physical condition.

In addition to working and hiking in the heart of this wonderful world of slickrock canyons and pinion-juniper forest, we will have a free day to explore one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric artifacts in North America. This is a truly unique place -- where archaeology and wilderness are intimately intertwined.

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

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Sep 27th - Oct 3rd 2020

Service Project

Trail maintenance, campsite rehabilitation, wilderness boundary maintenance

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Free Days

Day hikes to explore ancient ruins & rock art, photography


Tent camping near cars

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Digging, bending, brushing, tread work


Equipment List