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Natural Bridges National Monument, UT (Sep 27th - Oct 3rd 2020)

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Natural Bridges sits high on Cedar Mesa, 6,500 feet above sea level. Intermittent streams have cut two deep canyons and three massive bridges in sandstone formed from what was once the shore of an ancient sea. In honor of the Native Americans that made this area their home, the bridges are named "Kachina," "Owachomo" and "Sipapu." At each of the bridges, trails descend into the canyons. A longer trail meanders along the canyon bottoms through oak and cottonwood groves, connecting the three bridges in one spectacular loop hike.

Natural Bridges preserves habitat for a variety of plants and animals. Visitors may see mule deer browsing, hear the falling notes of a canyon wren, or smell the sweet aroma of spring wildflowers.

The greater Cedar Mesa region comprises a gently sloping mesa top of pinyon-juniper forest crisscrossed by serpentine canyons including the well-known Grand Gulch. The area is famous for its Ancestral Puebloan cliff ruins and rock art.

This service project will focus on removing the invasive Tamarisk from wild canyons at Natural Bridges National Monument using loppers and folding saws. Presently, Tamarisk is still in a manageable state and the National Park Service staff will follow up the invasive removal with herbicide to prevent Tamarisk regrowth. We will also hand pull annual exotic plants which can negatively impact native vegetation and wildlife. Participants will be hiking between 3-10 miles daily to get to the worksite, mainly off trail in canyon bottoms, including steep descents/ascents (approximately 500 feet) to access canyon bottom. Participants will camp near the Visitor's Center and will have access to their cars. This project will provide the satisfaction of potentially clearing all the Tamarisk from the National Monument!

This project is rated as a strenuous project.

Check out more photos from our previous service project at Natural Bridges National Monument in our photo gallery.


Sep 27th - Oct 3rd 2020

Service Project

Invasive removal of Tamarisk and other annual exotic plants.

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Free Days

Day hikes to explore natural bridges, ancient ruins & rock art, photography


Tent camping near cars.

Project Difficulty

Strenuous : Strenuous: hiking, bending, digging, pulling. Long, 4-8 mile, off-trail day hikes to remote canyons


Christopher Riccardo
Bill Goolsby

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